UAT profiles: meet Melanie Corrigan

24 February 2022

In this new series, get to know some of the people who have taken on new roles as part of the university's operating model.

Melanie Corrigan

  • Current position: Finance Partner, College of Natural and Applied Sciences - Faculty of Agricultural, Life & Environmental Sciences
  • Time with the university: 5½ years
  • Former position: Finance Team Lead, Faculty of Agricultural, Life & Environmental Sciences

What do you like most about your current position?

What I like most about my current position are the numerous challenges and opportunities that allow me to apply my knowledge and skills in a collaborative effort towards sustainability and successful outcomes.

How was the transition into your new position?

The transition into my new position has been a positive experience. I have access to an amazing team in terms of mentors and peers that are always willing to share their knowledge and insight. The collaborative environment enables the partnerships to anticipate and adjust to challenges and help others when needed.

Has your unit experienced any successes or progress as part of the UAT initiative?

Certainly! Through the UAT initiative, we’ve been hard at work streamlining processes and developing an efficient and consistent delivery of services in many of our core activities. The collective effort and staff engagement are a step in the right direction in terms of aligning unit needs with the services provided. The partnerships are focused on building relationships, understanding specific unit objectives, and working to align these with the overall UAT objectives. This continuous, forward-thinking approach sets the stage for improved processes and increased efficiencies.

What aspect of UAT has been more challenging than you expected?

The most challenging aspect has been the need to expedite the changes in order to align with the university’s fiscal requirements. The scope of UAT is large, to say the least. The collaborative efforts required often conflicts with the daily activities of those participating in working groups and teams. It is a balancing act that is being experienced across the university. This coupled with the effects of COVID presents challenges that everyone in our community has been navigating.

When you think of the U of A of Tomorrow, what are you most looking forward to?

I most look forward to seeing the results of endless hours and time that our community has put into the UAT initiative. I’m also looking forward to seeing a strengthened and united university and knowing that the future of this community rests on a sustainable plan towards common objectives.

Finance Partners are a brand new role to the university and deliver financial advice, guidance, and solutions to academic and administrative leaders including faculty deans, faculty general managers, and chiefs of staff. They draw on their deep understanding of the university, its operations, and its challenges to deliver appropriate financial solutions to their respective area(s).

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