It's a first for a kid's Disney movie

Turning Red features multiple references to menstruation. CBC talks to Women's and Gender Studies grad student Joanna Gye about period shame and how important it is to normalize menstruation.

CBC - 21 March 2022

Muslim women are taking part in menstrual activism on social media to call for end to period shaming, which takes special significance during Ramadan. My MA capping project looks at women’s experiences of, and attitudes towards menstruation and period shaming during Ramadan. Seven practicing Muslims living in Alberta took part in either a one-on-one interview or group discussion. Participants were asked to share any experiences with period shaming; their thoughts on why so much shame and guilt is attached to menstruation when Islam excuses women and girls from performing certain religious obligations. Participants were also asked to share their thoughts on Muslim women and girls using social media to call for an end to period shaming, and ways to empower more of them to not feel guilty and shame for being on their periods. The goal and objective of this project is to highlight: the cultural silence around menstruation; the influence of culture in perpetuating the shame and guilt attached to menstruation; and the role of women, in upholding the cultural shaming and guilt attached to menstruation.

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