Breaking News in Canadian Sexual Assault Law

Michelle Meagher - 29 July 2022

Lise Gotell, Landrex Distinguished Scholar in Women's and Gender Studies is making a difference in how the Canadian Supreme Courts interprets sexual assault law.

This week, the Supreme Court of Canada released its decision on R. v. Kirkpatrick. In this decision, the SSC rules that when someone is required by their partner to wear a condom during sex but they do not, they could be guilty of sexual assault. Dr. Gotell's research on sexual assault law and in particular the question of condom use (see "Non‑Consensual Condom Removal in Canadian Law Before and After R. v. Hutchinson” (2021), 44 Dalhouse Law Journal) is quoted by both the minority and majority in their case decisions.

For more about this high-profile case and the impact of Dr. Gotell's successful research advocacy, see: