Nirupama Rajan

Bio: Hi! I’m Niru (she/her/hers) and I’m going to start my MA in Gender and Social Justice Studies this Fall!

I was born in India and raised all over the country, moving with my teacher-parents everywhere their careers took them. In 2018, I went to Berlin, Germany, where I got to spend a year with children from around the world in the kindergarten that I was volunteering at. Somewhere between my interactions with these children, their parents, and the conversations I had with the immigrant women in my German language classes and the people I met during my unending travels across Europe, I became deeply interested in the issues of immigrants and their intersectional experiences of gender and daily life in developed nations. This is what I hope to explore at the University of Alberta.

I have a BA in Media Studies, Economics and Political Science from Christ University in India, and I have spent a good part of my life volunteering for various social and environmental causes. Leading up to my program at UAlberta, I worked for a while with Vimochana, which is a not-for-profit in India that works towards the prevention of gender-based violence in India and around the world. I am thrilled to be a part of the GSJ team this year, and I hope to learn much from everyone in Alberta!