Alberta Internationally Educated and Return-to-Practice Dietetic Bridging Program

The Alberta Internationally Educated & Return-to-Practice Dietetic Bridging program offers significant advantages for Internationally Educated Dietitians and Canadian Dietitians returning to practice.  Courses are designed specifically to bridge the knowledge, clinical skills, and judgement required to deliver safe and effective dietetic practice in the Canadian context.

Program Details

Who should enroll?

Internationally Educated Dietitians who require instruction to gain the specific skills and abilities needed for practice in Canada and Canadian Dietitians that require upgrading to return-to-practice.  Note, the bridging program is not appropriate for individuals who lack basic dietetic practice knowledge and skills, or for those with a nutrition background that is not tailored specifically to dietetics. All applicants must submit a letter of assessment and referral from their provincial dietetic regulatory body indicating that they have been assessed and have credentials recognized by the Canadian Alliance of Dietetic Regulators. Applications which do not offer a Letter of Assessment from a member of the Canadian Alliance of Dietetic Regulatory Bodies will not be considered.

Program Overview

Dietetic practice education varies depending on where and when practitioners trained. In many cases, the requirements for entry-to-practice and professional registration are much higher than in other jurisdictions and internationally-educated dietitians may find that they need to complete practice upgrading work in order to transition to Canadian practice. The Alberta Internationally Educated Dietitians Bridging Program provides practice upgrading learning and experiences to qualified learners to support competency achievement and integration into Canada’s health workforce.

Course Structure

The Dietetic Bridging program is delivered on a part-time basis and consists of four online academic courses offered in a modular format and a practicum placement.

Dietetic Practice in Canada 1

Introduction to Professional Practice in Dietetics |12 Weeks

This course introduces the scope and context of Canadian dietetic practice, the Canadian and Alberta health care system, jurisprudence for dietitians and basic concepts of clinical reasoning and professional communication.*

Dietetic Practice in Canada 2

Dietetic Management Practice | 12 Weeks

This course builds the knowledge and skills required to manage food service operations and other food or nutrition-related services in the Canadian context.**

Dietetic Practice in Canada 3

Community Nutrition | 12 Weeks

This course supports the development of the knowledge, skills, and judgment required to deliver safe and effective population and public health nutrition services in the Canadian

Dietetic Practice in Canada 4

Clinical Nutrition | 12 Weeks

This course consolidates skills required in clinical nutrition practice including interpretation, diagnosis and application of assessment findings and development of tailored treatment plans through the application of clinical decision-making model(s), critical thinking and evidence-based practice in the Canadian Context.**

Professional Practicum

The professional practicum element of the program is tailored to individual learner needs and ranges from a minimum of 4 to a maximum of 24 weeks in duration based on the pre-assessed needs of the IED. This opportunity for hands-on skill development occurs in healthcare facilities across the province. Relocation to centres outside of Calgary and Edmonton may be required. During the professional practicum, IEDs are supervised by practicing Registered Dietitians who guide them towards achieving the competencies required for registration with the College of Dietitians of Alberta.

*Pre-requisite: Admission to Dietetic Bridging Program.
**Pre-requisite: Admission to Dietetic Bridging Program and successful completion of Dietetic Practice in Canada 1: Introduction to Professional Practice in Dietetics

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