Dietetics Admission Requirements

Admission Requirements

  1. Pre-Professional Course Requirements
    To be considered for admission, students must complete ALL of the following courses by the end of Winter semester immediately prior to admission.
    BIOL 107
    CHEM 101
    CHEM 102
    CHEM 164 OR 261
    *6 OF ENGL (two ENGL classes)
    NUTR 100
    STAT 151
  2. Competitive Admission GPA
    Minimum Admission GPA IS 2.7. Admission to the program is highly competitive and largely, but not solely, based on GPA. Alberta students who present an admission GPA of 3 or greater (4-point scale) are best placed for competitive admission. Admission GPA is calculated on all coursework completed in the two most recent terms of study (Fall/Winter) provided they contain a minimum of 24 credits. If those two terms contain less than 24 credits, then all work in the term(s) prior will be included in the calculation until the minimum total of 24 credits has been reached.
  3. Spoken English Proficiency
  4. Full-Time Study Requirement
    Your academic history must demonstrate that you can reasonably handle a full-time academic program. The Admission Committee will be looking for academic success in a full-time course load in a minimum of two consecutive semesters.
  5. Letter of Intent
    This will be included in your application portal once you apply. The letter of intent provides an opportunity for you to convey career goals, knowledge of the profession, employment or volunteer experience, and other personal attributes.
  6. Two Letters of Reference
    You will have the opportunity to include the contact information for your references when you apply to the program. Your references will be given access to the reference form, which will need to be submitted before the February 1st deadline.
  7. Interview
    Students competitive in all other admission requirements will be invited to complete the interview stage.
    The interview will take the format of a Multiple Mini Interview.
  8. Students cannot apply to the Dietetics Specialization if they have completed more than ★90 of the requirements for BSc Honors in Nutrition, BSc Honors in Food Science or BSc Nutrition and Food Science General Program.

Out of Province Students

Up to 30% (15 out 50) places in the Dietetics Specialization may be available to competitive out of province applicants/residents. Please note: all admission requirements will remain in effect including pre-requisite courses and multiple-mini interview.

Recommended Path for Admission

Enrol in the BSc in Nutrition and Food Science General Program. Take all courses outlined in the pre-professional requirements. Apply to the Dietetics Specialization program during completion of your pre-professional year.

*Please note: Any transfer credit relevant will be assessed at the time of admission to the Dietetics Specialization. Given that the program is cohort-based if a student receives transfer credit, they would not be able to advance more quickly than their cohort.

Admission Formula

Applicants are ranked on their academic achievement in the prerequisite courses; overall academic achievement (emphasizing recent academic performance); the content and format of their Letter of Intent; the strength of their Letters of Reference and their performance in the Multiple Mini Interview process.

Applications will be reviewed by the Admission Committee based on the following:
Letter of Intent: 20%
Letters of Reference: 10%
GPA: 70%

Applicants will be invited to complete a Multiple Mini Interview (MMI) and successful applicants will be selected based on:
Multiple Mini Interview: 50%
Aggregate Score (GPA/Letter of Intent/Letters of Reference): 50%