Nutrition & Food Science General Program

Bachelor of Science in Nutrition & Food Science | General Program

The General Program in Nutrition and Food Science provides students with a diverse education in human nutrition and food science. Graduates have a working knowledge of the fundamentals of nutritional science coupled with basic knowledge in applied chemistry and microbiology as it pertains to food manufacturing, preservation, storage and distribution. This degree integrates a sound scientific education with course work related to applied economics, sociology and education, and applied science.


Food Marketing | Food Policy | Food Safety & Quality | Food Service Management | Human Ecology | Nutrition Communication & Education | Global Health | Physical Activity


Graduates may find employment opportunities in a variety of public or private enterprises including health education, the health industry, community and non-government/charitable organizations or international aid. Minors help position graduates for careers in:

  • lifestyle management,
  • the community-based human ecology sector,
  • policy-making bodies in government or non-government institutions, or
  • the food industry and food service management.