Nutrition & Food Science General Program

Bachelor of Science in Nutrition & Food Science | General Program

Bring the best of nutrition and food science into your career. Through this program, you can complete the
prerequisites for any of our more specialized degrees or earn the four-year degree. As a student, you will:

  • Earn a diverse education in both nutrition and food science.
  • Gain a working knowledge of the fundamentals of nutritional science, food manufacturing, preservation, storage and distribution.
  • Learn how biology, behaviour, physiology and other applied sciences play a role in nutrition and food science.
  • Become qualified for a career in public or private enterprises that can range from nutrition-lifestyle management to the quality assurance in the agriculture-food industry.


Food Marketing | Food Policy | Food Safety & Quality | Food Service Management | Human Ecology | Nutrition Communication & Education | Global Health | Physical Activity


Wellness program coordinator | Nutrition researcher | Market research analyst | Marketing manager | Business manager | Nutrition educator | Check out UAlberta's Nutrition & Food Science Career Guide for more options