Arts and Convocation Hall


Quick Tips!

  • This building is referred to as "Arts and Convocation Hall (A)" in class descriptions and on the University's Campus Maps tool.
  • Most events taking place in this building will be on the main floor.
  • Although the front entrance may be inaccessible to those with specific mobility needs, there is a public elevator that can be found in the building's rear entrance. 

Opened in 1915, Convocation Hall (also commonly known as Old Arts) is definitely in the running for the closest thing to Hogwarts on campus.

With a massive performance space with a sprawling balcony, fixed theatre-style seating, and an audience capacity of 426 people, this building is where students in the Department of Music will spend much of their time. Within Convocation Hall you can also find the Department of Music’s fortepiano, harpsichord, and Casavant organ.

As you enter the building, to your right will be the student lounge decorated with paintings on both sides of the door, and you can find many other works of art on this main floor.