Fine Arts Building (FAB)


Quick Tips!

  • The Fine Arts Building can be found as "FAB" in both class descriptions and the UAlberta Campus Maps.
  • Most of the building’s classrooms can be found on the main floor (e.g. FAB 1-10) or the second floor (e.g. FAB 2-10), and if you need to find any specific classrooms you’ll see directional signs in every hallway!
  • Fine Arts Student Services for Art & Design, Drama and Music are located in FAB 3-146 on the 3rd floor.

The Fine Arts Building, also known as FAB, was constructed in 1973 as a celebration of the rich artistic history of the University of Alberta. It is a fitting home for the Department of Art and Design which uses the building’s workshop spaces for painting, sculpture,, printmaking and much more. FAB is also home to the Department of Drama and the Department of Music. It houses two fully operational theatre spaces, the Corner Stage and Bleviss Laboratory Theatre; Studio 27; and many rehearsal, performance and lecture spaces. The Fine Arts Building is always busy with students working to perfect their crafts.

The FAB Gallery was added on to the existing building in 1987 and attracts  approximately 13,000 guests every year. It also provides the opportunity for  Art and Design faculty, students, and visiting scholars to display their work publicly. Undergraduate students completing their Bachelor of Fine Art or Bachelor of Design degree develop class exhibitions at the end of each academic year. A portion of the funding for FAB comes from the Alberta Foundation for the Arts.


FAB is connected to the south entrance of HUB Mall with a pedway. In the past, countless students have accidentally found themselves in FAB courtesy of the same pedway and were greeted with the massive student-created sculptures, gallery displays, and more. Within that pedway lies a student-created arcade game, if you find it give it a try! From the UAlberta Transit Centre, you’ll be able to see that FAB Gallery has a glass exterior where you can see through any artwork currently displayed.


FAB’s main staircase has a jigsaw-like pattern that follows the general artistic theme of FAB.