Humanities Centre


Quick Tips!

  • The Humanities Centre is referred to as "HC" in class descriptions and on the University's Campus Maps tool.
  • The Humanities Centre most commonly has classes in the large lecture theatre (e.g. HC L 1), on the ground floor (e.g. HC 1-10), or on the second floor (e.g. HC 2-10) with very few exceptions!
  • You can find the Arts Undergraduate Student Services office on the main floor in HC 1-17, where you can get help with your degree questions during regular work hours.
  • Upstairs in the building, you can find the office of the Dean of Arts on the 6th floor!

A brutalist concrete structure constructed in 1972, the Humanities Centre currently houses some of the Departments of English and Film Studies staff offices and your student representatives at OASIS. The first floor of this building is where you can find the Faculty of Arts advisors at the Undergraduate Student Services (HC 1-17)... the same office which is home to the biggest celebrity in the Faculty of Arts (Biscuit the teddy bear).

This building's hallways are decorated with multi-coloured skylights, bright carpets, and 52 painted nylon banners each 4 x 13 feet in size designed by Canadian artist Takao Tanabe.


The OASIS office has a blue paint coat on its walls, including a lounge-style seating area with couches and a TV. Students can drop in and share concerns with the OASIS team, or decide to get more involved with their team. It is a great opportunity for Arts students to get involved on campus and a chance to make lasting friendships.

The Humanities Centre is linked to HUB through the pedway with the infamous piano which anyone passing by can play if they'd like.