Tory Building


Quick Tips!

  • There are actually 3 different "zones" where your classes can take place in Tory which can be a bit confusing at first. Tory Building = "T", Tory Breezeway = "T BW", and Tory Lecture = "TL". More details are below, and you can find all 3 on UAlberta Campus Maps.
  • Human Geography and Urban Planning staff can be found on Tory's 3rd floor.

Named after one of the founders and the first president of the University, the Henry Marshal Tory Building was constructed in 1966 and has remained a home for Arts students of all disciplines since. Although the main 4 floors of the tower are mostly used for classroom spaces, upstairs you'll find professors from all specializations in Arts and you'll find yourself more than once if you ever attend your classes' office hours.

The building is connected to the Tory/Business Atrium with the infamous Second Cup, which we all hope will be reopening very soon! This atrium space connects Tory to the Tory Breezeway, the School of Business, and HUB mall, making it the kind of place where you'll see student groups tabling or hosting events there all year long.


The building shaped like a turtle next to the main Tory Building is called Tory lecture, which houses two massive lecture halls where many 100-level courses take place. Here students can need to practice the delicate art of taking notes on tiny desks, although it's definitely worth the trouble to have a chance to attend an ECON 101 lecture by the one and only Gordon Lee. You can get there by taking the underground tunnel from the Tory Building's basement to stay out of the cold in the winter! Many students choose to walk down HUB from the University Transit Centre and can remain indoors the entire way using this method.