The Augustana Calendar and First Year Seminar

Beginning in the Fall of 2017, Augustana introduced a New Calendar (colloquially referred to as "three-eleven") and First Year Seminar in which students will take a three-week block course followed by a more traditional eleven-week session. For most full-time students, the eleven-week session will typically consist of three to four courses, while during the block, both students and faculty will focus on only one course. For all new students in their first year at Augustana, this course will be a First Year Seminar.

3-11: The Augustana Calendar

Augustana has been called to action by the greater University of Alberta community to become "a living laboratory for teaching and learning innovation, to the benefit of the entire university." One of our responses to this call is the implementation of our unique calendar, which will help connect our students to the community and experiential learning opportunities, and create personally fulfilled learners who are ready to pursue their careers upon graduation.

What makes the Augustana Calendar unique?

  • Will add flexibility in terms of learning opportunities outside of the classroom

  • Will create learning opportunities that have previously been unavailable

  • Will allow students to focus on one subject during the three-week block and lessen the work load during the eleven-week session to decrease student stress levels

What will remain the same?

  • The duration of our academic year will remain the same, with two traditional length terms throughout the year

  • The amount of time spent in class will remain the same - this time is merely being re-ordered

  • Student transcripts will remain the same, so admission to pre-professional programs or continued studies will not be affected

Watch the video below for an in-depth description of the Augustana Calendar from former Augustana dean, Allen Berger. After the video, read what our students have to say about the Calendar!

First Year Seminars

All new students in their first year at Augustana will take a seminar course during their first three-week block. These seminars will be small, intensive, and discussion-based, and are set to introduce students to the high-impact learning that they should anticipate, and need to be familiar, with during university studies. Although focused on one topic, these First Year Seminars will be interdisciplinary in nature and will ensure that students begin their University career in an exciting way that promotes a successful journey throughout the remainder of their time in university.

First Year Seminar examples

  • A seminar on the topic of zombies: their history, as well as their prevalence and significance in contemporary culture, including film, television and literature

  • A seminar on the topic of drugs from a chemical, biological, pharmacological and physiological perspective that also incorporates sociology, history and medical health studies

  • A reminiscence theatre seminar, in which students will re-create a history of time and place by interviewing senior citizens here in Camrose, creating a theatrical event, and then performing it for the very same seniors who inspired their stories

Watch the video below for a detailed description of the First Year Seminars from former Augustana dean, Allen Berger.