Volunteer Events

Move-In Day

Remember when you moved into residence in your first year, and a gaggle of rowdy red shirts swept all of your worldly possessions up into your room? Recall those early mornings when you returned as an O-Team member to help others experience the same on their first day? Now is your chance to #reliveyouryouth and join the special throwback O-Team!

When: TBD

Time commitment: TBD

Expectations: Through this event, you will:

  • Help students move into residence and visit your old stomping grounds.
  • Meet returning students, new students and parents!
  • Enjoy free food, a free t-shirt and a fun-filled day of volunteerism!

Other Events

Our Alumni Office offers various event volunteer opportunities throughout the year from Move-In to Convocation to Alumni Hot Chocolate Cafés. By signing up as a Campus Ambassador you will invited to volunteer opportunities throughout the year. You can choose how you become involved depending on where you live, your interests and your availability.

When: Variable

Time commitment: Variable

Expectations: Through multiple volunteer opportunities, you will:

  • Act as a representative of the University of Alberta's Augustana Campus.
  • Interact directly with staff, faculty, students and community members.
  • Meet new people, gain experience and support students.

Email us at augalum@ualberta.ca to sign up as a Campus Ambassador.