Residence Fees for the 2018-19 Academic Year

First Year Dorms & Ravine Residences

8 Month Contract 4 Month Contract
Double Room $7,507 $3,927
Single Room $8,772 $4,589

Payment is due by September 15.
Room Offer Acceptance Fee of $300 will be subtracted from this total if paid before.
Prices include room and cafeteria meal plan.

50/50 Payment Plan

An 8 month contract can be paid in 2 equal installments, of $3,753.50 (for double room), or $4,386 (single room).  The 1st payment is due September 15, the 2nd payment is due January 15.

The 50/50 payment plan is not available for 4 month contracts.

Room Offer Acceptance Fee of $300 will be subtracted from this total if paid before.

Living Learning Community House

8 Month Contract
Double $3,085
Single $4,350

Payment is due by September 15
Room Offer Acceptance Fee of $300 will be subtracted from this total if paid before.
Prices include rental fees.  Cafeteria meal plain available if desired.

More information on the Living Learning Community House


Residence Payments

Residence fees may be paid in person at the Augustana Finance Office by cash, cheque, money order, credit card, or debit card, or online at

Application Fee & Security Deposit: $175.00

On acceptance, $150 of the application fee will be converted to a security deposit.
$25 of the application fee is non-refundable.
Security deposit less any damage assessed & related costs will be refunded after the student has moved out of residence.

Room Offer Acceptance Fee: $300.00

Room offer Acceptance Fee is due for returning students by June 15.

Monthly Payment Plan

The monthly payment plan is only available on an exception basis for students who have difficulty meeting the above payment plans and who have received approval from the Finance Office.  Payment must be supported by post-dated cheques or Visa/Mastercard authorizations.

Non-payment of fees on due dates may result in termination of residence and food service privileges

Early Move Outs

You must complete a Notice to Vacate form to Residence Services at least 30 days prior to moving out.  Please note: there is a charge for ending your contract early.  Each student's refund is unique, as charges against the Security Deposit will vary.

Remember to provide a forwarding address so your refund cheque may be mailed to you.

Three-Week Term

Returning students who are not on campus during the Fall three week term may apply for a pro-ration on their meal plan.

  • The deadline to apply for the pro-ration is August 1st. Contact us at to advise us of your arrival date.
  • Pro-rations are only available up to the first day of the 11 week term. All meal plans will begin billing by that date, or earlier if you arrive earlier.
  • Once you begin taking meals in the dining hall, your pro-ration will end.
  • Pro-rations are not available for your residence room. We are holding your room during that period and you are welcome to drop off belongings during the three week period Remember if you start taking meals then your billing for the meal plan will begin.