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Every donation received contributes to the success of the Alberta School of Business and the next generation of leaders from Alberta for the world. Your support contributes to exceptional teaching, learning, research, and community engagement and because of that, we are grateful for your generosity.

Support the Next Generation of Business Leaders

The University of Alberta’s School of Business is Canada’s first and longest-accredited business school and has been a part of the fabric of the province for more than 100 years. Our students, faculty and 30,000 alumni are change makers in industries and their communities. They are trailblazers in retail, manufacturing, real estate and social enterprise.
Building on these strengths, our faculty is committed to developing a new generation of business leaders who are the most competitive in the country. This goal starts with modernizing the spaces where our students — both present and future — gather and work. They need space to collaborate, network and conduct entrepreneurial activity. A space — a commons — that is open to community and industry partners and collaborators across campus. This is the vision of the Alberta School of Business Student Commons.

Alberta School of Business GOLD Entrance Endowment

The Alberta School of Business GOLD Entrance Endowment will support high-achieving students entering the Alberta School of Business. By easing their financial burden, this endowment will allow students to jump right in to participate in experiential learning opportunities which are important in building a holistic educational experience.

As one of the top business schools in Canada, GOLD scholarships are important to attract our future’s brightest students. Supporting the highest achieving students while they attend the school is not only important for those students directly, but also signals to all students that our school is one of the best schools in the country. It tells prospective students that we can support them throughout their degree so they can take advantage of all the opportunities we have to offer.

With your support to the Alberta School of Business Endowment Fund, you will make a difference by helping top talent realize their potential and impact the sustainability and growth of the business community.


Student Commons Fund

The Commons will transform existing space into a modern and bright hub for collaboration that will, for years to come, give these future leaders the edge in an increasingly complex and interconnected world of business, where finding solutions requires collaboration with experts, businesses and people in the community. This inviting, flexible space will allow students to apply their classroom learning to real-world problems in partnership with business leaders. Students will be transformed into leaders who are ready to think and act like entrepreneurs, capitalize on emerging trends, seize opportunities and manage risks. 

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Provide Transformative Experiences

A University of Alberta education is distinctive, in part, because of the opportunities it offers students. Research, travel abroad, internships-these experiences allow our students to graduate with more confidence and experience and better prepare them to make a meaningful difference in a rapidly changing society and advance discoveries that serve Alberta and the world.

Dean's Excellence Fund

When you give through the Dean's Excellence Fund you empower students to succeed at the Alberta School of Business and go on to become the change makers for the future. Your gifts provide the faculty with the flexibility to support student education in the best way through program enhancements, facility upgrades, faculty retention and more.

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Business Student Experience

Enhance the Student Experience

Our students thrive when they are challenged to create, explore and tackle the thorny problems of our time. Nurture these qualities and help create the next generation of global citizens. Together we can ensure that Business students graduate as engaged, global citizens by supporting scholarships and awards, programs that connect students with community organizations, and international and experiential learning opportunities.

Student Experience Fund

Enhancing our students' academic classes with practical, real-world experiences is essential to their progression. The Student Experience Fund invests in all activities related to students: study tours, case competitions, conferences, student clubs and field trips.

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Business Students International Study Tour

Support Talented Faculty and Research

Exceptional faculty members bring about positive, meaningful and long-lasting change in the world and people's lives. These committed professionals advance fundamental knowledge and deepen our understanding of a subject, help the university compete for talented educators and researchers, and create new knowledge. They also attract other amazing faculty and exceptional students.

Philanthropy can enhance research and community engagement at the University of Alberta by establishing an academic position focused on a particular area of research, or supporting a lecture series that provides access to thought leaders and engages in public discourse.

You Can Help Make an Impact

When you invest in the Alberta School of Business, you change the world for the better. You support teaching and learning, spur research and creativity, and make our communities stronger.

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