Faculty Regulations

The following information can be found in the University of Alberta Calendar where indicated. The intent is to highlight some of the more frequently asked regulations and provide easy reference. Please ensure, however, that you read and are aware of the regulations of the University and the Alberta School of Business in the U of A Calendar, and that you are aware of your responsibilities as an Alberta School of Business student at the University of Alberta.



Students are responsible to ensure they have completed any prerequisite courses or have corequisites in registration. Prerequisites and corequisites are listed in the U of A calendar in the course description or on Bear Tracks. Prerequisites are required for Business courses and will not be waived. Students who fail to have the necessary course prerequisites will be removed from the course when it is audited. If courses are audited after the add/drop deadline, students may be withdrawn from the course in which case the withdrawal will show on the student's record and the student will be responsible for the course tuition and associated fees.
Please be aware that Bear Tracks does not check for pre and/or corequisites for all courses and, as per the Calendar, it is the student's responsibility to ensure that their registration meets pre-requisite requirements and program requirements. Business courses that list another course as a corequisite may be taken prior to or at the same time as the Business course. If there is a deferred final examination in a prerequisite course, BCom students will be permitted to remain registered in the affected courses. However, if the deferred final examination is written after the add/drop deadline and the prerequisite course is subsequently failed, students will be withdrawn from the affected courses.


A normal course load in the Alberta School of Business is 15 units of course weight (ucw) per Fall or Winter term and 6 ucw per Spring or Summer term. Students with a GPA of 3.0 or higher may receive permission to take 18 ucw per Fall or Winter term and 9 ucw per Spring or Summer term. You must receive permission from the Undergraduate Office to take a heavier course load. Co-op students are permitted to take one course in addition to their work term at the U of A.

Students may also choose to take a reduced course load. However, this may have implications for student loan qualifications or reimbursement and may affect eligibility for awards and scholarships. BCom students normally must, at some time during the program, be registered as a full-time student during at least two terms (not necessarily consecutive) of the regular academic year (for this purpose only, 9 ucw is considered full-time) and complete their program within the time limit.


Students must complete all degree requirements within eight years, beginning with the year original admission to the program was granted.


Junior level electives are numbered at the 100 level and may be taken to fulfill Free Elective requirements or satisfy Non-Business Electives. Certain junior level electives may also be taken, where specified in the U of A Calendar, to satisfy major specific electives. In each of these occurrences combined, no more than 21 units of course weight in total will be permitted.

Please note: Foundational courses will not count towards the 21 ucw of 100-level electives. This total also does not include junior courses taken to fulfill specific program or major requirements (such as language or computing science courses).

5. REPEATING COURSES (per Calendar)

Students may not repeat a course that they have successfully completed or received transfer credit for, unless the U of A Calendar specifies that the course has variable content and can be repeated. If a variable course is repeated with the same course content, students will not receive credit for the second course.

If a course is re-numbered, students will not receive credit for repeating course work.

If a course is not successfully completed (i.e. due to a failing grade or course withdrawal), a second registration will be permitted. If the second attempt in the course is not successful, further registrations in the course will not be permitted without prior consent granted from the Undergraduate Office.


Students are not permitted to register in the same course in different terms, unless their record shows a course withdrawal or course failure.


Please use the Watch List function on BearTracks and periodically try to register in the course throughout the term. Space may become available in a particular course as students accept co-op placements and/or make adjustments to their schedules.

Emergency placement in full courses may be considered for required courses for students in their graduating term. Please contact the Undergraduate Program Office by email. Requests will be considered on a case by case basis.


As a limited enrolment Faculty, students are not permitted to take courses extra to their specific degree requirements, nor can students complete a second BCom degree.


Following the initial admission decision and assessment of transfer credit, students are required to complete all remaining coursework at the University of Alberta, as a BCom or Bilingual BCom student, unless they have been approved for an academic exchange where credit is possible.

Exceptions to this regulation are not made unless there are unusual circumstances that make it a hardship for a student to complete coursework at the University of Alberta. Hardship means extreme personal or financial difficulties, and is rarely granted.


Students must apply in writing to the Business Undergraduate Office for permission before withdrawing from the University. The consequence of unapproved discontinuance is the loss of your BCom registration in the Faculty. To continue, you would need to re-apply and be considered with all other applicants under the quota provisions in force at the time of re-application, as described in the U of A Calendar.