A reappraisal is the re-reading and grading of a final examination by a different instructor. The new Instructor will use the same grading criteria provided by the course's original Instructor. The new grade for your examination may be lower, higher or stay the same as the original grade and will be used to calculate the grade for the course.

If the result of the reappraisal is a higher grade on your final exam, it may not result in a higher grade in the course. The final grade for the course will be calculated as specified in the course syllabus with the reappraisal grade replacing the final examination grade.

Is a reappraisal my only course of action if I believe an error was made when the exam was marked?

No. If it is a Business course, you can review your exam with your Instructor (or assigned delegate in their absence) after the final grades have been submitted. After reviewing your exam with you, your Instructor will request a Change of Grade if a calculation error has been made that impacts on your course grade.

If no errors have been made in marking your exam and you would like to have the exam re-read, you may then request a reappraisal. However, you should only apply for a reappraisal if you feel that another Instructor using the same grading criteria will view the exam differently and feel that, if you get a higher grade on the exam, you will get a higher grade in the course.

How do I apply?

For Alberta School of Business courses, requests for reappraisals must be made in writing to the Chair of the Teaching Department. Before a request will be considered, however, you must review the exam with your Instructor. Please contact your Instructor directly to make arrangements to view your exam.

If the course is not an Alberta School of Business course, you must apply to the Faculty or Department Office responsible for the course and follow their procedures.

Is there a deadline for applying?

A request for a reappraisal must be made in writing by February 1 for Fall courses, June 22 for Winter or Fall/Winter courses, and within thirty days of the publication of results for courses offered in the Spring or Summer terms.

Is there an application fee?

Yes, fees are automatically generated with your written application and are due to Financial Services within fourteen days of your application. Please consult the Office of the Registrar for current fee information.

If you receive a higher grade for the course, as a result of your request, the application fee will be refunded to you through Financial Services.

What happens after I have applied for a reappraisal?

The Department will make arrangements for another Instructor to receive the grading criteria used to mark the course exams and will give the Instructor a copy of your exam. The new Instructor will then re-read the exam, grade it and inform the Undergraduate Office of the grade for the exam and subsequent grade for the course.

Please note the entire process may take up to six weeks to complete.

What happens once my exam is re-read?

The Teaching Department will notify you of the result of your reappraisal. The grade for the exam may be lower than originally assessed, higher than originally assessed or it may stay the same. The final grade for the course will be calculated as specified in the course syllabus with the reappraisal grade replacing the final examination grade.

If the grade for the course changes as a result of the reappraisal, the new grade, whether lower or higher than the original, replaces the original grade as your official grade in the course.

Can I appeal the grade I receive from a reappraisal?

No, the results of a reappraisal, re-reading and grading the final exam, are considered final.

Is there a limit to the number of reappraisals I can apply for?

A maximum of two reappraisals will be granted for each Fall or Winter term. If you are enrolled in a Spring or Summer courses, you will be limited to two reappraisals over both terms.