Cohort Student Information and Schedules

Congratulations, You are a Cohort Student… Now What?

Before you can register for your cohort courses, you will need to submit your cohort schedule preferences. See more information about this below.

Submitting your Cohort Preferences

Once you have been advised by the Business Undergraduate Office that you are a cohort student, please review the cohort schedule options here. Rank the cohort patterns in order of preference, and submit your cohort preferences online via our Google forms.

Continuing Year 2 Students Form

Newly Admitted Students Form

Note: These Google forms are restricted to users with a University of Alberta email address. Please ensure you are signed out of any other existing Google accounts and signed in only with your UofA email to access this form.

Please take note:

  • There are two sets of cohort schedules for the 2024-25 academic year. Cohorts 1-10 are applicable only to eligible Year 2 continuing students (admitted Fall 2023). Cohorts 11-14 are applicable to eligible newly-admitted transfer students in Fall 2024. More information about why there are two sets of schedules can be found here.
  • We advise that you review the cohort schedules carefully to make note of the mode of delivery for each course in the schedule. For instance, some lectures are delivered online, whereas the accompanying lectures are in-person.
  • Cohort preferences will be considered, but students will be assigned to their cohort patterns per availability. There is limited space available in each cohort pattern, and students may be placed anywhere from their first to their last choice.
  • Once a cohort pattern is assigned, it cannot be changed. Cohort assignment will lift registration restrictions.
  • Failure to submit your cohort preferences in a timely manner will result in the loss of your cohort registration status.
  • Students must register themselves in the courses in their assigned cohort pattern. Please check Bear Tracks for your assigned enrolment date. If you are a transfer student, ensure that you have changed your program code in BearTracks, as you will not be able to register in your courses if this has not been completed.
  • Failure to register in your assigned cohort courses may result in your space being given away to another student.