EMBA Program Overview

EMBA Program

Ranked among the top EMBA programs in the world, the Alberta EMBA program provides you with a superior business education with opportunities to put concepts into practice and maximize your leadership potential. The Alberta Executive MBA is a 22-month degree program offered face-to-face at the University of Alberta. It is designed for experienced professionals and senior-level managers who want to enhance their organization's value by combining an understanding of business with the strategic perspective necessary to lead. Candidates within the program bring exceptional professional and personal achievements, allowing them to contribute to and get the most from the collaborative in-class learning environment.

We seek motivated, bright, and articulate individuals who have strong standards of personal ethics. Each candidate is evaluated holistically to ensure compatibility between the applicant and the program.

Academic Curriculum

The curriculum is designed to be challenging and to ensure that you will be able to take on the leadership role of a general manager.

Courses are sequenced to first sharpen your knowledge and understanding of the key functional areas of management. This would include important areas such as finance, marketing, and operations management. From there, the courses delve into the latest in management theory and practices. There is a strong focus on leadership, strategy, and international business.

Program Delivery

The program is structured so that individuals can continue to work full-time and still complete their degree in two years. While it is an intensive program, the schedule has been designed with work-life balance in mind. The program will begin with an Orientation and week-long intensive course. From there, there will be three more week-long intensive courses, 12 regular courses, an International Study Tour, and a 6-credit Business Project. Regular courses are held over 4-day blocks (Thursday - Sunday).

Executive MBA Schedule 2023 - 2025

Executive MBA Schedule 2024 - 2026

Alumni Profile

Sheldon Hudson

"My goal was to learn additional skills and tools to help me grow my engineering firm. Now that I have completed the program and reflect back, I realize the EMBA was more than an education, it was a profound life experience."

-Sheldon Hudson, Vice President Al-Terra Engineering Ltd., 
EMBA 2016