Courses & Requirements

The Alberta MBA is designed to give you an in-depth grounding of business fundamentals and the opportunity to build expertise in specific areas.

Both the full-time and part-time MBA programs require you to complete 20 courses (FastTrack MBA students complete a minimum of 12 courses). In addition to courses offered during the normal academic calendar, students can complete one-week long intensive during the spring/summer terms, international study tours, or international exchange courses to meet their degree requirements.

Program & Degree Requirements
Timetable & Schedule Information
MBA Learning Goal


Specializations are available to students who entered into the UAlberta MBA prior to Fall 2019. For students entering the program from Fall 2019 onward, see Career Tracks below.

Career Tracks & Electives

In choosing electives, students can choose to complete their own customized program or complete the requirements for one of the UAlberta MBA Career Tracks or areas of focus. These are:

Area of Focus