Our Students

Group of PhD Students

The PhD Program in Business at the University of Alberta has a vibrant cohort of students across all disciplines. Designed to prepare students for a research-oriented career, the program provides opportunities for each student to work closely with faculty to develop her/his own research portfolio.

Students Enrolled in 2020-21




Operations and Information Systems

  • Zhaleh (Saghar) Ansaripoor
  • Arash Asgari
  • Mehrnaz Behrooz
  • Likang Ding
  • Bo Han
  • Ozan Ozdemir
  • Maryam Zakeri Hosseinabadi
  • Yasser Zeinali

Strategic Management and Organization

Students on the Job Market

Strategic Management and Organization

Shilo Hills

Supervisory Committee: Trish Reay, Royston Greenwood, Bob Hinings

Our Graduates

Our graduates have obtained positions in prestigious universities throughout the world, including California (Berkeley), Imperial College (London), Emory, Iowa, Pennsylvania (Wharton School), Hong Kong Institute of Science and Technology, McGill, and Western Ontario.

View a listing of our graduates, and their current institutions dating back to 1989.