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Group of PhD Students

The PhD Program in Business at the University of Alberta has a vibrant cohort of students across all disciplines. Designed to prepare students for a research-oriented career, the program provides opportunities for each student to work closely with faculty to develop her/his own research portfolio.

Students Enrolled in 2021-22


  • Qi An
  • Ke Feng
  • Leixing Jiang
  • Altan Temel



Operations and Information Systems

Strategic Management and Organization

Student Publications

Maggie Cascadden, PhD Candidate: (2022) Jennings, P.D., Cascadden, M.M., Hoffman, A.J. Sustainability Science and Corporate Cleanup in Community Fields: The Translation, Resistance, and Integration Process Model. Handbook on the Business of Sustainability: The Organization, Implementation, and Practice of Sustainable Growth.

Cindy Grappe, PhD Student: (2022) Grappe, C.G., Lombard, C., Louis, D., Durif, F. Clean Labeling: Is It about the Presence of Benefits or The Absence of Detriments? Consumer Response to Personal Care ClaimsJournal of Retailing and Consumer Services, 65(102893).

Eiji Ohashi, PhD Graduate: (2022) Team Incentives and Peer-Regarding Agents, Journal of Theoretical Accounting Research, Vol. 17 Issue 3, p125-139. 

Yasser Zeinali, PhD Student: (2022) Zeinali, Y., Niaki, S.T.A. Heart sound classification using signal processing and machine learning algorithmsMachine Learning with Applications, 7(100206).

Teddy Carter, PhD Student: (2021) Indigenous conversational approach to history and business education. Academy of Management Learning & Education. AMLE Special Issue

Maggie Cascadden, PhD Candidate: (2021) Cascadden, M., Gunton, T., Rutherford, M. Best practices for Impact Benefit AgreementsResources Policy, 70(101921).

Cindy Grappe, PhD Student: (2021) Grappe, C.G., Lombard,C. Louis, D., Durif, F. “Not tested on animals”: how consumers react to cruelty-free cosmetics proposed by manufacturers and retailers? International Journal of Retail & Distribution Management, 49(11), 1532-1553.

Cindy Grappe, PhD Student: (2021) Guèvremont, A., Durif, F., Grappe, C.G.. Why Does This Brand Speak to Me? Conceptualization, Scale Development, and Validation of Brand Relevance. Journal of Promotion Management, 27(5), 609-629. 

Emma Jing, PhD Candidate: (2021) Jing, E.L., Lupton, N.C., Ansari, M.A. A Cultural Value Congruence Approach to Organizational EmbeddednessJournal of Personnel Psychology, 20(4), 164-175.

Rodrigo Valadao, PhD Candidate: (2021) Hannigan, T.R., Briggs, R.A., Valadao, RA New Tool for Policymakers: Mapping Cultural Possibilities in an Emerging AI Entrepreneurial EcosystemResearch Policy

Rory Waisman, PhD Candidate: (2021) Ching-Hong Li, J., Nesca, M., Waisman, R.M., Cheng, Y., Tze, V.M.C. A Robust Effect Size Measure A w for MANOVA with Non-normal and Non-homogenous DataMethodological Innovations, 14(3), 1-12. 

Yasser Zeinali, PhD Student: (2021) Maleki, N., Zeinali, Y., Niaki, S.T.A. A k-NN Method for Lung Cancer Prognosis with The Use of A Genetic Algorithm for Feature SelectionExpert Systems with Applications, 164 (113981).

Milo Wang, PhD Graduate: (2021) Wang. M. S., Raynard, M., Greenwood, R. From Grace to Violence: Stigmatizing the Medical Profession in ChinaAcademy of Management Journal, 64(6), 1842-1872.

Milo Wang, PhD Graduate: (2021) From grace to violence: Stigmatizing the medical profession in China, in-press Academy of Management Journal.

Rongrong Zhang and Milo Wang, PhD Graduates: (2021) Zhang, R., Wang, M.S., Toubiana, M. & Greenwood, R. Stigma Beyond Levels: Advancing Research on StigmatizationAcademy of Management Annals, 15(1), 188-222.

News for Celebration!

Natalie Bolen, Marketing PhD student's research on how new mothers navigate the complexity of science during health care services is featured in the Saskatoon Star-Phoenix.

Sihan Zhang, PhD Candidate, was quoted in the Wall Street Journal in an article about trends in the Over-the-Counter securities markets. 

Kylie Heales, PhD Candidate, recipient of prestigious Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation Scholarship.


Our Graduates

Our graduates have obtained positions in prestigious universities throughout the world, including California (Berkeley), Imperial College (London), Emory, Iowa, Pennsylvania (Wharton School), Hong Kong Institute of Science and Technology, McGill, and Western Ontario.

View a listing of our graduates, and their current institutions dating back to 1989.