Grief and Loss Resources

Losing a friend or loved one is difficult and navigating grief can be challenging and adversely impact our mental health and well-being. U of A health professionals have created a variety of services and resources to help you address common mental health challenges. As well, professional and peer supports are available.

Individual and group support:

Wellness Supports provides a variety of services to support your health and well-being, including staff to support you, bridge gaps in services, and connect you with the resources you need to combat feeling stressed and overwhelmed.

CCS workshops are free, drop-in seminars that give you a chance to learn about a mental health topic while interacting with a mental health professional and your peers. Workshops focus on common psychological concerns like depression and anxiety. The workshops help you understand a particular mental health issue and teach you practical strategies to deal with it.

The Interfaith Chaplains' Association offers care and support to the campus community and can connect virtually with students and campus members. The group made up of chaplains from a variety of denominations who cooperate with one another to care for the unique needs of the university community. Faiths represented by the Association include Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, Judaism, and Unitarian Universalism. 

Peer Support Centre
The Peer Support Centre offers a free, confidential, and non-judgmental place to talk to someone for support. No issue is too big or too small. Our trained volunteers offer peer support, crisis management, information and resources, as well as a safe and confidential place to talk.

Meet virtually with a Unitea host to chat about something you’re looking forward to, passionate about, worried about, or anything else. Unitea helps students to connect with others and feel less alone. As well, if you’re looking for resources, Unitea hosts are knowledgeable about the services available on campus and in the community and can direct you to the right place. 

Online Resources

Created or curated by CCS psychologists, this resource page provides links to information and further reading on a variety of topics, including:

Depression and Grief

Stressful or Traumatic Events

The mental health resources section under Current Students collects services information and resources, including the My Mental Health video series.
A free online self-help program, WellTrack provides UAlberta students with resources and information for supporting their mental health and well-being.