My Mental Health

How am I doing?

Multiple cups of coffee a day, weeks without spending time with your friends, not sleeping during finals...sound familiar? Unfortunately, these experiences has been normalized as the average student experience - it shouldn't be. Learn the importance of stepping outside of your non-stop day-to-day and asking yourself, "Is this my normal?"


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Community Connections

Our well-being is impacted by our ability to connect with others - whether it is with friends, peers, professors, or support staff. Yet more than 60% of the student population on campus has felt lonely within in the last year. If we've built our community connections, not only do we feel better, it helps those around us feel good, too.


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Contributing to Community

In your time as a university student, you have the opportunity to get involved with your campus and create change, big or small. When we contribute our time and effort to society - no matter the size of the act - we feel the positive effects on our mental health, reinforce our support networks, and contribute to the wellness of others.


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