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Bachelor of Education - After-Degree

Program Description

Applicants who already possess an undergraduate university degree may be eligible for the BEd After-Degree program, which lasts two years instead of four. Prospective students can apply for the Secondary Education program or the Elementary Education program. Please note that this program cannot be completed online.

For those possessing prior teaching qualifications:

We recommend that you contact Alberta Education before applying to this program. The Alberta Ministry of Education must perform a professional evaluation of your file to ensure that you may obtain a teaching certificate at the end of this program. You can access this service at this link.


Admissions requirements

New admissions requirements- Fall 2023 intake
⇒  General requirements

(1) Have a first university degree recognized by the University of Alberta that includes adequate background preparation in the areas of specialization relevant to the elementary or secondary education program. Any deficiencies determined by the Office of Admissions must be met prior to enrollment in the program.

(2) A minimum GPA of 2.8 or equivalent over the last 60 credits.

(3) Have passed the DELF level ''Strong B2'' according to the required criteria at the time of application (see Language Assessment).

⇒ BÉd AD Primary
Applicants will be required to have in their first degree the equivalent of *36 thus divided: *9 per category in two of the following: Humanities-Social Sciences, Fine Arts, Sciences and *18 freely chosen from these categories.
⇒ BÉd AD Secondary
Applicants will be required to have in their first degree the equivalent of *30 in one of the major specializations offered by the Faculty. In addition, students will need to have *12 relevant to their minor specialization.

⇒ Other requirements
  •  Curriculum Vitae: Applicants should list, in table form, their teaching or youth group facilitation experience (e.g., sports team coach, language instructor, summer camp counselor, association volunteer, swimming instructor). The table should include dates, location of each experience, the role played, number of hours spent working with children or teenagers (volunteer experience or experience working with groups of students is preferred over experience involving one-on-one tutoring interaction).
  • A letter of intent in French: Applicants should specify the level at which they wish to teach and describe any teaching or teaching-related experience they have had, especially with groups of children or adolescents. Based on these, applicants should explain what they have learned about teaching and how these experiences will help them in their future professional careers.
  • 2 letters of reference: Two confidential evaluation forms. At least one of the two evaluators should be a former employer or supervisor who can comment on the applicant's ability to interact with groups of children or adolescents. The evaluators cannot be a friend or family member. The form must be completed directly online.

Please refer to this page for all dates and deadlines relevant to CSJ undergraduate programs.

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