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Bachelor of Elementary Education

Program Description

More than ever, the education program is essential in the training of future teachers to serve the immersion and Francophone school systems in Alberta and Western Canada. In almost every province across the country, French Immersion is increasing in popularity, which has significantly increased the need for French Immersion teachers. Graduates from Campus Saint-Jean's Education program enjoy an extremely high placement rate. Entry into this program is direct and does not require a preparatory year.

Why choose the Bachelor of Elementary Education program?
  • To teach different subjects from kindergarten to grade 6 (ages 5 to 12);
  • To teach French classes or in French immersion;
  • To have access to several fields, including French, history, and mathematics.

Required Major
  • Generalist Degree
  • Fine arts
  • Music education
  • Physical education
  • Humanities

Bureau de la pratique

The practice office of Campus Saint-Jean supports education students as they go through their practicums. It also provides several professional development opportunities, employment fairs, as well as international exchange opportunities. Please follow this link for more information.

Possible Careers
  • Preschool or elementary teacher (English second language, art, physical education)
  • Guidance counselor
  • Education consultant
  • Extracurricular coordinator
  • Education Specialist

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Admission requirements

Required Courses
  • One of the following courses
    • Francais 30-1
    • Francais 30-2
    • French 30-9Y
    • French 31
    • French Language Arts 30-1
    • French Language Arts 30-2
  • One of the following subjects 
    • English
    • Languages other than English
  • One of the following subjects
    • English
    • Fine Arts
    • Humanities
    • Languages other than English
    • Math/Sciences
  • Two of the following subjects 
    • English
    • Humanities
    • Languages other than English
    • Math/Sciences


- To know more about the courses accepted in each category please consult the University of Alberta Calendar. 


Admission Average

Admission is competitive and subject to availability of space.

Canadian students, see Competitive Averages by faculty.
International students, see Competitive Averages and Conversions.


Please refer to this page for all dates and deadlines relevant to CSJ undergraduate programs.