Chemical Biology Program

The Chemical Biology Program option for graduate study in chemistry at the University of Alberta enables students with a strong background in biochemistry, or a strong interest in research in those areas of chemistry closely related to the biological sciences, to pursue graduate work more effectively in the Chemistry Department. Students in this program must follow the academic requirements for graduate students in the Chemistry Department, with a few changes designed to best meet the needs of students in this interdisciplinary program.


Students who have obtained an Honors BSc in biochemistry from a Canadian University may be admitted to this program without being required to take clearance exams or remedial undergraduate courses. Other students may be admitted to the graduate program under conditions set by the graduate admissions committee.


PhD students enrolled in the Chemical Biology Program are required to complete four graduate-level courses. At least two of these courses must be from within the Chemistry Department curriculum. Up to two courses may be taken in the Biological Sciences Department, the Faculty of Medicine, or the Faculty of Pharmacy.

MSc students must take three courses, at least two of which must be from within the Chemistry Department. One course may be taken in the Biological Sciences Department, Faculty of Medicine, or Faculty of Pharmacy. To be acceptable for credit, graduate courses from outside the Chemistry Department must have the approval of the student's supervisory committee.

Supervisory Committee

Each student has a supervisory committee consisting of three academic staff members from at least two divisions within the department.