Fair Dealing Symposium 2020 - Save the Date and Call for Proposals

    Save the date for the University of Alberta's Fair Dealing Symposium 2020, on February 26. The Call for Proposals is available now. Proposals should be submitted no later than November 29....

    By Copyright Office on October 22, 2019

    Fair Dealing Symposium 2020 - Wednesday, February 26

    Maple Leaf Room, Lister Centre
    University of Alberta


    Call for Proposals

    Passionate and knowledgeable about fair dealing?

    The University of Alberta Copyright Office welcomes session proposals for its one-day symposium on Wednesday, February 26, during Fair Dealing Week 2020. Proposals should be for a 60 minute session (normally, 45 minutes plus 15 minutes for questions) and can be on any topic related to fair dealing.

    Email your proposal to copyright@ualberta.ca no later than November 29.

    Each proposal should include:

    • An abstract describing your proposed session (250-400 words);

    • An example of (or link to) a completed related work (e.g., paper, conference presentation, etc.); and

    • Your contact information.

    Only submissions received on or before November 29, 2019, will be considered.

    Transportation and accommodation costs will be covered for the accepted speaker(s) in accordance with the University of Alberta Travel Expense Procedure (Appendix A).


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