Register for Academic Accommodations

Updated: December 22, 2021

If you have a documented permanent disability that affects your mobility, vision, hearing, learning, and/or a chronic physical or mental health condition, our office can support your access to formal academic accommodations that will help to remove barriers to your academic participation. 


  • Register early in order to ensure sufficient time to arrange your accommodations. Incoming students may register for accommodations as soon as they accept an offer to study at the University of Alberta.
  • Students must complete the accommodation registration process (including the online registration form and registration appointment) at least seven (7) full days before they require access to accommodations. Access to some accommodations may require additional time for assessment or coordination.  
  • Accommodations are provided according to the University of Alberta Discrimination, Harassment and Duty to Accommodate Policy. Submission of the Academic Accommodation Registration Form and/or of objective medical documentation does not guarantee the provision of specific accommodations.
  • If a submitted Academic Accommodation Registration Form and/or objective medical documentation is not sufficient to determine accommodation eligibility or needs, the University of Alberta may seek further objective medical documentation.
  • Students may at any time submit for review additional objective medical documentation in support of requests for additional accommodations.
  • Prospective students with accommodation questions and applicants who require accommodations may contact

Incoming and Current Students

  • If you are a new or incoming student, we recommend that you register for accommodations as soon as you have received a conditional acceptance to a University of Alberta program of study.
  • If you are a current student, you may register for accommodations at any time.
  • We recommend that all students register for accommodations as early as possible as it takes time to complete all registration steps.
  • If your condition(s) changes or you receive a new diagnosis(es), you may submit additional objective medical documentation to our office for review/assessment at any time.
Important Notice Regarding COVID-19

Based on limitations created by current public health recommendations, some accommodation services may be modified for remote delivery and to facilitate students’ changing accommodation needs. 

Before completing the registration process for academic accommodations,

If you have questions or require assistance, email for inquiries related to study at Main/North campus, Campus Saint-Jean, and Enterprise Square; email for inquiries related to study at Augustana Campus.

STEP 1: Collect your documentation

In preparation, review the criteria for required documentation and, if needed, download the University of Alberta Verification of Disability form

If you already possess documentation, confirm that it meets the documentation requirements. If you do not have documentation or need updated documentation, contact the appropriate, qualified healthcare practitioners involved in your care to request that they prepare these documents to be delivered to you.


  • In some instances, it can take time to complete diagnostic processes and receive medical documentation. If you experience delays in obtaining your documentation, interim accommodations may be available.
  • If required, convert your documents to PDFs before you complete the registration process.
  • Remember to retain copies of your original verification of disability documents for your records.
STEP 2: Complete your Academic Accommodation Registration form

The Academic Accommodation Registration Form asks for specific information and documentation about your educational background, diagnoses, accommodations, and learning strengths and challenges. Your answers to these questions will help us to understand your needs and make appropriate recommendations for your academic accommodations.

To complete this form,

  • you need your University of Alberta Campus Computing ID (CCID) and Student Number.
  • you need a PDF version of your verification of disability documentation if you have been previously diagnosed and your documentation is accessible to you; if you do not have this documentation or do not have a confirmed diagnosis, you can still complete this form.
  • plan to spend about 20 minutes completing the form.
  • give the most appropriate response to the questions based on your circumstances.
STEP 3: Check your University of Alberta email frequently for communication from our office
Within two weeks of submitting your form, we will contact you regarding any questions about the information you submitted and to book an appointment with an advisor.
STEP 4: Book your appointment with an advisor
Email to book your appointment.
STEP 5: Attend your appointment with an advisor

At this meeting, the advisor will: 

  • discuss and approve your accommodations.
  • provide information about your accommodation service providers (if applicable).
  • review your responsibilities.
  • discuss how to access our online tools and resources for students.
  • discuss when you should contact an advisor for assistance.
  • review the online accommodation tools and information. 
  • answer any questions you have about your accommodations.
STEP 6: Complete any follow-up appointments with service providers
If your approved accommodations include adaptive technologies, alternate formats, CART/real-time transcribing, sign language interpretation, or other specialist services, you must book appointments to meet with service providers in order to finalize accommodation details, complete training, and/or arrange other accommodation details.
STEP 7: Activate your accommodations at the beginning of each term or course block

At the beginning of each academic term or course block, you must activate your accommodations in the Online Student Portal, generate Letters of Accommodation for your instructors, schedule exam accommodations, and request other accommodation-related services. 

PLEASE NOTE: If you enroll in additional courses or change course sections after activating your accommodations, you must also activate your accommodations for each new course or course section added to your schedule.
STEP 8: Contact your advisor
Throughout your studies, contact your advisor as soon as you have questions, encounter problems, or if the functional impacts of your disability or chronic condition(s) on your learning change.


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