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Spectrum - URI’s interdisciplinary undergraduate research journal

Spectrum is an undergraduate research journal at the U of A, managed by the Undergraduate Research Initiative, with a team of undergraduate and graduate student editors. Undergraduate students from any discipline, and from any post-secondary institution, may submit work for consideration in Spectrum.

More undergraduate journals

Alberta Academic Review
A new multidisciplinary journal for graduate and undergraduate academic work, with a focus on work produced by students in Alberta.
Axis Mundi
A journal of religious studies run by graduate students, and open to submissions from students at all levels (undergraduate and graduate).
One of U of A's longest-running undergraduate journals, Constellations strives to provide a forum for young historians and classicists to have the experience of writing for an academic journal.
Compass is a new, student-run journal for undergraduate and graduate students in Anthropology.
Eureka is a student-founded and student-run initiative whose mission is to promote the world-class undergraduate research done in the Faculty of Science.
Invoke is a peer-reviewed undergraduate sociology journal. Submissions are not restricted to students in sociology; anyone doing research from a sociological perspective is invited to submit.
Political Science Undergraduate Review
Published annually in print by the Political Science Undergraduate Association.
The Human Geography and Planning Student Journal is a showcase of student work and research on topics surrounding human interaction with(in) urban and regional places
Crossings publishes written and media work by students in the fine arts, humanities and social sciences at the University of Alberta.
Journal of Young Investigators
Journal of Student Research
Canadian Journal of Undergraduate Research
Undergraduate Research in Natural and Clinical Science and Technology Journal (URNCST)
(does not accept unsolicited submissions, but does offer opportunities for students to receive mentorship on invited papers)