Canada's prosperity and economic growth depend on intercontinental trade, international commerce, and the effective, safe and efficient transportation of our people and resources. The competitive supply chains that underpin the Canadian economy are in large part enabled by the rapid, seamless and secure movements of goods and people across the globe. Our nation's success in this domain is long established, but the dynamics of global trade are rapidly changing and the global economy is becoming increasingly competitive.

So too does Alberta's prosperity and economic growth depend on trade and commerce and the effective, safe and efficient transportation of our natural resources, goods and people. To succeed, grow and thrive, Alberta's transportation sectors must collaborate and innovate as they promote and prepare Alberta's industries, businesses, governments, schools and workforce for the next wave of growth in Canada's new digital economy. To compete successfully, Alberta must find new ways and opportunities to advance both the commercialization of leading-edge research and the creation of high-quality job opportunities.

Since 2009, examples of this collaborative model include the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering working with the City of Edmonton (COE) to establish a COE Chair in Urban Traffic Safety and with Alberta Transportation on several key research initiatives. To further leverage this kind of support, the Department committed to establishing the CST.

The CST is the foundation for the collaboration and exciting innovation of Alberta and Canada's transportation sector and greater community.

With the help and support of key stakeholders, including Transport Canada, Alberta Transportation and the City of Edmonton, the CST began operations in July 2012 with three faculty members, Dr. Tony Qiu, Dr. Amy Kim and Dr. Karim El-Basyouny, who orchestrated their research programs to address issues related to traffic operations, planning, and safety. Partnering with a number of industry, government and academic organizations, the CST now undertakes leading-edge transportation research.