Undergraduate Student Research

Dean's Research Awards

One way you can get involved in world-class research is through the Dean’s Research Awards program. This program is available to all full-time engineering students, beginning in their second year of studies, who have a previous-year minimum GPA of 3.2 – your GPA will be calculated using the last two full terms of graded coursework.

As a participant, you’ll receive a modest financial award and gain valuable practical research experience.

Participating in the program and conducting research enhances learning by giving you a more in-depth understanding of the lessons you’ve learned in the classroom.

The award must be held during an academic term (Fall/Winter only) and can’t be concurrent with a project for which credit is received. 

Application procedure and timelines

Getting started in a project supported by a Dean’s Research Award is simple. The first step is to find a professor in the Faculty of Engineering who is willing to supervise a research project in an area in which you are interested—or whose research areas interest you. You can either approach professors and ask them about research opportunities or consult the project list.

Work with your research supervisor to complete an application form, and submit it to the Dean’s Office reception, 9th floor Donadeo ICE Building.

If your application is successful, you will be asked to make a brief presentation outlining your research project at the end of the term.


Deadline for Applications for Fall/Dual Term projects - October 15
Fall Term Presentations - December
Deadline for Applications for Winter Term projects - January 31 
Winter & Dual Term Presentations - April 

Current Projects

Find out more information on current research projects eligible under the Dean's Research Awards program in our Projects List.