Integrating Interprofessional Education for Collaboration into Practicum Experiences

Purpose of this project

During their practicum placements, students' opportunities for relevant, context driven experiences to refine interprofessional collaborative practice skills are often missed. Therefore, intentional interprofessional education within practicums with a focus on skills to develop collaborative networks will capitalize on missed opportunities and enhance the workforce readiness of future health professionals.

Why is this important

There is a need for comprehensive resources to support faculty, students and preceptors in implementing IPE in health professional practicum placements. Supporting students, clinical coordinators and preceptors with specific structures and frameworks to integrate IPE for student learning will improve student readiness to learn and practice interprofessionally regardless of the team setting.

Why Get Involved

  • Helping preceptors guide students in IPC
  • Refining preceptors' and/or clinicians' own skills related to interprofessional collaborative practice
  • Providing a jumping off point for professional conversations about interprofessional collaborative practice
  • Supporting students on their placements provides a valuable opportunity to recruit exemplary students
  • Enhancing student outcomes and workplace readiness for collaborative practice
  • Building common language and understanding of interprofessional collaborative practice concepts and competencies between academy and practice setting

What does participation look like

Environmental Scan
September 2019 - January 2020
Participants are invited to share feedback in an interview and/or surveys

September - February 2020

  • 1 Interview (20-30 min)
  • Gain a better understanding of:
    • existing interprofessional learning activities
    • facilitators and barriers to IPE in1 Interview (20-30 min)

Surveys and Focus group
September 2019 - March 2020

  • 2 surveys
  • Final focus group (1/2 day)
    • to build consensus for leveling interprofessional competencies and establish goals based on student's ability (e.g. novice, intermediate, and advanced)

Project Deliverables

Identification of enablers and barriers to IPE in clinical and community settings
This information will help inform the development of the menu of interprofessional activities.

Description of interprofessional educational models
These models will outline how to integrate interprofessional activities into the practicum placements for both early and advanced learners (e.g. take advantage of team-based interprofessional practicum settings, support interactions between co-located students). Clearly described educational models can support IPE experiences more effectively in clinical and community settings. This also gives preceptors, students, and clinical coordinators more clarity about the possible IPE experiences.

Menu of interprofessional activities
Designed for both early and advanced learners. The selection of IP activities will provide for both students and preceptors a clear framework about the intended objectives and expectations of the IP activity within that practicum context. The activities will be adaptable to accommodate diverse practicum contexts (clinical/community).

Identification of interprofessional competency milestones

Developing consensus around milestones for each level of learner (novice, intermediate, advanced) will support IPE and IPC within clinical/community practicums.

Stay tuned for more information on this project.