Aging in Place - Smart Condo™

Co-Academic Leads: Lili Liu, PhD and Eleni Stroulia, PhD

Lili Liu is a professor and chair of the Department of Occupational Therapy in the Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine. Her research focuses on how to best use technology to improve health care services for older adults, and on universal design. She is a co-principal investigator on a provincial project examining the workflow of health-care aides and how technologies facilitate home-care services delivery.

Eleni Stroulia is a professor in the Department of Computing Science and the NSERC/iCore Industrial Research Chair in Service Systems Management with support from industrial partner IBM Canada Ltd. Her research focuses on technical and socioeconomic concerns around the deployment of service delivery software systems.

Smart Condo™

The Smart Condo™ is a research, teaching and learning space developed through a five-year project involving a range of faculties from the University of Alberta, with input and support from Alberta Health Services, and the private sector.

The Smart Condo™'s mission is twofold: to train health sciences professionals through broad, creative, hands-on interprofessional education and professional development activities; and to continue, and to build , interdisciplinary research in integrating technologies for the delivery of high-quality health care services.

The Smart Condo™ research team is studying the usability of products and technologies that meet the needs of specific groups including older adults with cognitive impairment, and individuals with chronic conditions. They are also creating opportunities for undergraduate and graduate students to develop collaborative skills in an interprofessional environment through coursework, research, conference presentations and publications.

The team is developing a software platform for collecting and fusing sensor data in order to extract clinically relevant information that can improve the health management of patients living independently at home.

The Smart Condo™ is one of the country's most advanced examples of remote monitoring capability to assist seniors 'Aging in the Right Place' . This unique system includes novel and off-the-shelf sensors, the use of onscreen avatars to represent participants whose location and activities are being monitored, and advanced inferencing algorithms to accurately identify 'adverse' events.

The Smart Condo™ team includes researchers, educators and community partners from multiple disciplines:

Lili Liu (Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine)
Eleni Stroulia (Computing Science, Faculty of Science)

Ioanis Nikolaidis, Herb Yang (Computing Science, Faculty of Science)
Robert Lederer, Greig Rasmussen (Industrial Design, Arts)
Cheryl Sadowski, Lisa Guirguis (Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences)
Doreen Oneschuk (Palliative Care Program, Faculty of Medicine)
Tracey Stephen (Faculty of Nursing)
Mark Gierl, Mike Carbonaro (Educational Psychology, Faculty of Education)
Shelley Thompson (FUNCTION-A Universal Design Firm)
Ron Wickman (Architect)
Corinne Schalm, Beth Wilkey (Shepherd's Care Foundation)
Jim Raso (Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital)



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