CaRMS Preparation

As a part of career planning, the OAW supports students during the preparation for their CaRMS application and interviews.
CaRMS Timeline



Writing and Refining a CV
Here are some resources to help you do this well:

OAW advisors are able to review and give feedback on CVs - email 

More CV help:

This vodcast is made for students by students and is a deep dive into the surprisingly nuanced and unfortunately ignored art of writing good quality bullet points in the Experience section of any good CV:

These second 10 minutes go over some extra considerations for each of the example bullets, useful for understanding what kinds of bullets each position in your Experience section can have, and improving your ability to write bullets with a specific audience in mind.
CaRMS Portal and Applicant Documents

The CaRMS Applicant portal opens on September 11th, 2024.

At this point, you can upload documents as they are completed to your online application.

Application To Do List:
Need a document verified or your student status confirmed? Email to submit a request
  • Instructions on MCC registration should be sent from UME records by the end of September, 2024

Documents must be uploaded and assigned to applications by November 29th, 2024 at 10am MT.

Situational Judgement Tests

Some programs require the following situational judgement tests, check program requirements via the CaRMS portal and be sure to register for the following.

These tests are both conducted online, be sure to read the instructions on how when and how to take each test.

Registration opens around the same time as the CaRMS portal (mid-September).
Review and Refine Personal Letters
It is important to begin your personal letters early! Here are some resources for writing your letters: 

OAW advisors are able to review and give feedback on personal letters - email 


Interviews will take place between January 18th - February 9th, 2025.

Prepare for your interviews:

Rank Order List (ROL) + Match Day

February 20th, 2025: 1pm MT: Rank Order List due date. 

OAW is available for advice as you work on your Rank Order List, you can send through questions as an email or request a meeting. 

Check out these resources that may help as you decide your ROL:
March 4th, 2025: Match Day

*note about Pre-Match day: To be notified prior to match day of an unmatched status, be sure to opt-in to have it shared with the UME office. 

Second Iteration:

If you do opt-in and go unmatched, OAW will send you an email on Pre-Match day (March 3rd) by 11am with instructions and supports. 

OAW will support you through the whole process of second iteration. 

Other resources