FAQ and Fact Sheets

Below are common questions that come up related to careers, get in contact with us if you'd like to meet with someone to discuss your career questions.

What electives should I take?

Electives in the first year (12-hour elective) should be purely for fun and something that you are interested in, regardless whether you are interested in that career path.

Electives at any other time will depend on the career choice of the student and whether the student has decided on a career path. In general, if you are still undecided about your residency of choice by the end of second year, then you should do some shadowing electives in the summer of the second year to help point you in a more specific direction (or directions).

For the very competitive specialties ie. dermatology, ophthalmology, surgical subspecialties, you should gear your electives in those areas. For the more general specialties ie. family medicine, IM, pediatrics, you should do some broad-range electives that will help you in those areas.

And finally, if you are still confused about the options for you, go to your career adviser or the OAW office for more information.

How do I set up and use shadowing opportunities?
Check out this helpful infographic filled with Shadowing Tips and Tricks!
How do I make the most of LCE? (Longitudinal Clinical Experience)
Check out this list of tips & tricks on what to expect and how to get the most out of LCE!
What are the Bell Ringer exams like?
Take a read through this tips & tricks sheet in preparation for the bell ringers.
What does the CaRMS application process look like?

For all things CaRMS - check out our CaRMS Preparation page

Starting at the end of third year and into fourth year, OAW provides talks, reminders, and individual feedback sessions on the different aspects of your CaRMS application. Don't stress too much, we will help you through the whole process. 

What are my options after med school?

There are many residency options available after med school, all throughout the country.

Here is a list of the residency programs (with links to information on each) available at the U of A. 

Make sure to check out this year's residency fair, open to all med students.