Student Opportunities


  • Circumpolar Student's Association

    The CSA seeks to provide various avenues to discuss issues such as logistical problems and support, funding challenges, licensing issues, and involving community participants in northern projects.

  • Engage North

    Engage North aims to act as a hub to connect Northern community-based organizations with Southern resources. Engage North works with community-based organizations to develop projects suitable for an undergraduate student for a four-month placement.

  • Northern Courses

    The Northern Courses database is a listing of courses either directly about topics in the North or courses that will help support working in the North either as foundational courses, courses related to working with communities or courses with instructors with a strong tie to northern work. This listing is not exhaustive and is a sample of courses from the course calendar, the list is updated before each term so make sure you go to the University course listings to see if there have been any changes and to register. 

  • Student Showcase

  • UAlberta North is proud of the accomplishments of our community members! From scholarship and conference winners to research innovations and international recognition, our student community is made up of impressive individuals dedicated to the north. The Student Showcase is our venue to display the wide-ranging accomplishments of our students. 

    Student-Led Conferences 

  • Upcoming conferences led by student groups focused on northern research.  These events are a great way to share your work in a supportive environment amongst your peers.  They are also a way to engage with other students and participate in planning and organizing an event.