Student Showcase

UAlberta North is proud of the accomplishments of our community members! From scholarship and conference winners to research innovations and international recognition, our student community is made up of impressive individuals dedicated to the north. The Student Showcase is our venue to display the wide-ranging accomplishments of our students.

2020-2021 Recipients

Ashley & Janet Cameron Scholarships 

Graduate Scholarships Undergraduate Scholarship
  • Peter Thompson
  • Selina Ertman 
  • Kaaral Mänd - renewal
  • Olivia deBourcier

Endowment Fund for Northern Studies and Research

Elise Brown -Dussault
Olivia deBourcier  

Kennett Y. Spencer Memorial Award

Sidney Horlick

Ashley & Janet Cameron Travel Awards

Lauren Thompson
Olivia deBourcier
Max Hoosier
Kira Holland

University of Alberta Northern Research Awards

Stenette Van den Berg Christopher Schulze
Justine LeJoly Scott Cocker
Juliana Balluffi-Fry Jennifer Laughton
Selina Ertman Marina Taskovic
Rebecca Gray Nora Alsafi
Sidney Horlick Alexandre Chiasson
Patrick White Lauren Thompson
Joe Young Garrett Rawleigh
Liam Wadsworth

Northern Scientific Training Program Funding (POLAR Canada)

Selina Ertman Alexandre Chiasson
Rebecca Gray Lauren Thompson
Jennifer Laughton Patrick White
Marina Taskovic Joe Young
Nora Alsafi Garrett Rawleigh
Sidney Horlick Liam Wadsworth

Community Reporting Award 2017 to present

Taylor Cromarty MaKenzie Mackay
Arshad Khalafzai Sydney Stenekes
Ellorie McKnight Scott Zolkos

External Awards

Robert McGhee Award (Human Sciences)
Liam Wadsworth
Éric Dewailly Memorial Award (Health Sciences) 
Sidney Horlick

Weston Family Award in Northern Research

Krystal Isbister Doctoral
Jaedyn Smith Master's

Circumpolar Student Association

Northern Research Day 2021 - student awards