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Nikita Kepezhinskas | DERTS Trainees


     Nikita Kepezinskas


Degree program: MSc, University of Alberta 
Supervisors: Graham Pearson 


I am currently an MSc student working under the supervision of Dr. Graham Pearson with emphasis on geochronology, geochemistry and petrology. My current project is focused on the characterization and timing of emplacement for the Dharma kimberlites in the Woopmay Orogen and Mel kimberlites in the Rae Craton (provided courtesy of Santana Resources and North Arrow Minerals, respectively). These diamondiferous intrusions are not well characterized and lack reliable radiogenic ages. Additionally, I aim to expand on the data available in the World Kimberlites and Lamproites CONSOREM Database (Faure, 2010) as part of this project.  My past and ongoing research interests include study of the timing and evolution of the East African Rift System, Quaternary volcanism in northern Honduras, timing and evolution of accretionary orogenesis in the Western Caribbean region, as well as the mobility of chalcophile and siderophile elements and sulfides during magmatic and metamorphic processes in subduction-related mafic-ultramafic plutons of Far East Russia.


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