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For the period 2018–2022

№ relevant publications: 39,676

№ times cited: 656,159

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Institutional Stewardship Initiatives

SDG Alliance

A number of students have expressed a desire to connect with like-minded individuals and form a new student club with a mission to help advance the SDGs (and sustainability at large) on campus and beyond. Work is currently underway by a group of students to register the University of Alberta SDG Alliance as a new student club/group. 

International Week

Started in 1986, International Week is the largest annual extracurricular educational event at the University of Alberta. Workshops, film screenings, speakers and interactive activities foster global citizenship through engagement with some of today's most pressing issues including sustainability, poverty and the precarious status of refugees and displaced people. I-Week invites students, staff and the general public to hear from speakers, experts and NGOs to learn about international and local perspectives on global issues. Since 2015, the programming has raised awareness of the Sustainable Development Goals and showcased local experts and activists making progress on the goals. I-Week is an incubator of ideas and a source of inspiration for everyone to work together for a better world.

Research institutes, centres & projects

Researchers at the School of Public Health working to advance the SDGs

Learn how faculty members at the School of Public Health are advancing the SDGs through research and innovation to improve the lives of populations locally and globally.

Campus as a Living Lab (CALL)

Campus as a Living Lab (CALL) research programs use the university campus as a testing ground for sustainability solutions. These projects connect the classroom to the real world, enabling students to find the solutions and generate the data that we need to build a better world.