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Key Stats

4 % of the University's budget is spent on arts and heritage.


research impact

For the period  2018-2022

№ relevant publications: 2,320

№ times cited: 36,288

Source: InCites


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Institutional Stewardship Initiatives

Students’ Boulevard Transportation Plan

In 2019, the Office of the University Architect consulted the community on their experiences walking and cycling along 89 Avenue, an important corridor at the heart of North Campus. The resulting plan proposes changes that will make pedestrian access more welcoming, create safer lanes and facilities for cyclists, and improve public transit. 

University-based cultural institutions

The University of Alberta is home to several spaces for sharing art, music, dance, drama and other cultural arts. These institutions include University of Alberta Museums, FAB Gallery, Timms Centre for the Arts, and the Faculty of Music. They often feature the artistic work of students. 

Research institutes, centres & projects

Alberta Centre for Sustainable Rural Communities

The Alberta Centre for Sustainable Rural Communities assists rural communities in meeting diverse challenges through fostering constructive dialogue, promoting interdisciplinary and collaborative research, and developing partnerships. The centre provides resources to academic and professional communities, including the Canadian Sustainability Plan Inventory and Boom & Bust, a guide for resource-based communities in Alberta and B.C..

Affordable Housing Solutions Lab

The Affordable Housing Solutions Lab empowers citizens to innovate, co-create and develop effective local affordable housing solutions. Funded and mandated by the City of Edmonton, the lab supports the goal of ending poverty in Edmonton within a generation.