University of Alberta for Tomorrow Vision, Principles and Goals

As we develop our plans for academic and administrative transformation, we are guided by the University of Alberta’s institutional vision, mission, and strategic plan, For the Public Good.

University of Alberta for Tomorrow Vision

The University of Alberta has embarked on a period of major transformation, building on its long history of leadership in the province and in Canada’s post-secondary sector. The pressures facing the U of A today are significant and we must take urgent action. With fundamental systemic reform, we can set a bold new direction for the university of tomorrow. We can strengthen our core teaching, research, and community engagement mission and enrich student experience, while addressing the current funding crisis. Together, we can renew and grow U of A’s global leadership in higher education and research and drive even greater social and economic growth, innovation, and creativity for the public good of the province and beyond.

Guiding Principles

For academic restructuring:

  • Be consultative and transparent in its work, engaging the university community as well as the General Faculties Council and the Board of Governors.
  • Act in the best interests of the entire institution.
  • Make recommendations that are data-informed and future focused.
  • Assess impacts of proposals on equity, diversity, and inclusion, to ensure that proposals do not negatively impact institutional efforts towards EDI.
  • Move very quickly in pursuing its objectives, given the university’s current situation.

For administrative restructuring:

  • Commitment to taking urgent action
  • Genuine openness to thinking differently
  • A transparent consultation process
  • Entire university engagement
  • Regular progress evaluation

UAT Strategic Goals

By 2022

  • Successful transformation: The U of A has transformed its administrative and academic structures in line with peer institutions and aligned to U of A’s EDI strategic plan.
  • Financial sustainability: The U of A has realized more than $120M in savings and has an organizational structure that can sustain operational change into the future. 
  • Enhanced student experience: Student experience is enhanced through coordination, rationalization, and centralization of student services. 
  • Enhanced staff engagement: Staff are highly engaged and more equipped than ever to advance the university’s mission due to streamlined, more efficient delivery of services.
  • Increased innovation and entrepreneurship: With this transformation, the U of A is in position to become a global leader in innovation and entrepreneurship in higher education, delivering an unprecedented level of interdisciplinary teaching and research programs. An ambitious program of new revenue generation is ready to launch to expand existing programs and develop new ones that are highly responsive to student and employer demand.

By 2025

  • New levels of impact and engagement: U of A’s research and teaching impact and community engagement has never been greater, advancing economic growth and the public good in Alberta and beyond.
  • Expanded enrolment: Making the most of positive demographic trends and leading Alberta’s growing participation rate, U of A has expanded enrolment to over 50,000, including cutting edge online programs reaching students around the world.
  • New investment in student programming: The U of A is a global leader in technology-enhanced teaching and learning, with a dramatically expanded range of work-integrated learning opportunities. 
  • Rise in global rankings: U of A has secured its rank within the top 100 global universities, with an unprecedented ability to attract and retain talented students and faculty from around the world.
  • Greater self-sufficiency: With new revenue streams, U of A has dramatically reduced dependence on government grants from almost 60% of operating revenue in 2017/18 to less than 40% in 2024/25.


Looking ahead

January 2021

  • Interim College Deans appointed

January—May 2021

  • College vision, mission, role, and function development

March—June 2021

  • Preparing for College launch (admin, staffing, space, etc.)

July 2021

  • Jul. 1 College launch