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Fall Term 2019 (1690)

  • * GSJ 598: Topics in GSJ - Cultural Memory & Social Justice

    The course will introduce students to the vast field of cultural memory studies and its literatures. Students have the opportunity to work with specific case studies of violent traumatic pasts (usually cases of mass violence such as the Holocaust, Settler Colonialism, the transatlantic slave trade, violence against women and queers etc.) to analyse how these pasts are transmitted and negotiated in the present and for the future. A focus will be on the various technologies of memory and commemoration (museums, monuments, days of remembrance, but also possibly film, literature, tourism etc.). A guiding question is how the difficult knowledge of state-sponsored or tolerated mass violence configures contemporary struggles for social justice.

    Instructor: LUHMANN, Susanne
    Days & Time:
    M, 17:00 - 19:00
    Note: Taught in conjunction with WGS 498 X01

Winter Term 2020 (1700)