Renewable Resources Graduate Programs

International Dual Degree


A two-year Master program leading to dual degrees at a European and a Canadian institution. Students may choose from a number of both thesis-based or course-based Master's programs of the participating departments and faculties. Scholarships to supplement living expenses for the year abroad are available on a competitive basis.

TRANSFOR-M students will be educated in modern sustainable forest and environmental management approaches that are sensitive to cultural and situational differences. They acquire an enhanced global view that accommodates multi-cultural perspectives about economic and environmental issues. Each student will spend one year in Canada and one year in Europe in an English-language Master program.

At the University of Alberta, participating students have the choice to focus on degrees in five general topic areas:

  1. Forest Ecology and Management,
  2. Conservation Biology,
  3. Agriculture and the Environment,
  4. Reclamation and Restoration of Land and Water, and
  5. Environmental Soil Science

Forest Ecology and Management and Conservation Biology can be pursued through our course-based Master of Forestry program. Agriculture and the Environment, Reclamation and Restoration of Land and Water, and Environmental Soil Science can be studied under our course-based Master of Agriculture program. Research in all five topic areas may also be pursued in our thesis-based MSc programs, which are also open to TRANSFOR-M participants.

Application requirements

Contact Andreas Hamann, TRANSFOR-M Liaison Officer Phone: (780) 492-6429, Email: for more information.

Applications should be received by January 15 for September admission and should include the following:

Electronically sign, or sign and scan the forms and submit your application by email. Reference letters should be sent directly from referee to

Participating European Partner Institutions

Albert-Ludwigs-Universitat Freiburg, Germany

Albert-Ludwigs-Universitat FreiburgFreiburg is a university city with international flavour and close proximity to France and Switzerland. From the scientific point of view, Freiburg's surroundings, the Black Forest and the Rhine Valley, offer many different forest environments and various ways of managing them. Students will have the opportunity to join their Faculty of Forest and Environmental Sciences.

Degrees offered: MSc Forest Sciences

Bangor University, UK

Logo from Bangor UniversityBangor University is a world class research university. Bangor is located in a breathtaking landscape with panoramic views and is rich with history, culture and charm. Students will join the School of Agricultural & Forest Sciences.

Degrees offered: MSc Agroforestry, MSc Conservation and Land Management, MSc Environmental Forestry

University of Eastern Finland

Logo from the University of Eastern Finland The University of Eastern Finland is one of Europe's premier institutions to study forestry, with an emphasis on sustainable use of boreal ecosystems and forest technology. Students will be hosted by Faculty of Forestry.

Degrees offered: MSc Agriculture and Forestry