Bachelor of Science Degree Programs

Nutrition & Food Science General Program

Bachelor of Science in Nutrition & Food Science | General Program

Bring the best of nutrition and food science into your career. Through this program, you can complete the pre-requisites for any of our more specialized degrees or earn the four-year degree. As a student, you will:

  • Earn a diverse education in both nutrition and food science.
  • Gain a working knowledge of the fundamentals of nutritional science, food manufacturing, preservation, storage and distribution.
  • Learn how biology, behaviour, physiology and other applied sciences play a role in nutrition and food science.
  • Become qualified for a career in public or private enterprises that can range from nutrition-lifestyle management to the quality assurance in the agriculture-food industry.


Food Marketing | Food Policy | Food Safety & Quality | Food Service Management | Human Ecology | Nutrition Communication & Education | Global Health | Physical Activity



Wellness program coordinator | Nutrition researcher | Market research analyst | Marketing manager | Business manager | Nutrition educator | Check out UAlberta's Nutrition & Food Science Career Guide for more options