Jackie de Montarnal

'11 BA

Leadership & Life Coach @Jackie D Leadership & Life Coaching

A certified coach practitioner, Jackie currently works in post-secondary education. With a background in physical education and sport studies, coaching off the playing field has become a natural extension of Jackie's desire to help people with improving themselves in every aspect of their lives. She strives to help others with discovering what they want out of their lives and to assist them with decision making on the path towards their goals.

Q: What is your favourite memory from your time at Augustana Campus?

A: I have so many fantastic memories! One would be my very first move-in day. Another would be training at camp for residence life teams.


Q: What was your favourite class you took? What did you like about it?

A: I really loved any classes with Stacy Lorenz and Yvonne Becker. I really enjoyed discussing the social side of sport—so much that I ended up doing an MA in that area.


Q: How did you spend your time outside of the classroom?

A: I worked for Campus Rec, as a minor official for ACAC games and for Residence Life as an RA. Between that, sleeping and getting assignments done, I was fairly busy!


Q: Who was your favourite instructor and what do you remember about them?

A: I have two favourites. Stacy Lorenz and Yvonne Becker. I remember lots of classroom discussions and lots of opportunities to figure out what I thought and believed for myself instead of having to remember specific facts and figures. I liked working through what I thought about issues.


Q: How did your time at Augustana impact who you are today?

A: Augustana changed so much of who I am. It gave me a sense of community and connection. People who were part of that community care so genuinely about the students. I really struggled with my mental health throughout my degree, and that community gave me something to connect to and many people who supported me. It also gave me the ability to question my own beliefs and to change them if I wanted to. So much of who I am and how I operate in the world was shaped by my time at Augustana.


Q: What advice would you give to current students? 

A: Say yes! It is scary to show up to events and activities alone. It is sometime scary to be seen as who you fully are on a small campus. Go to the events, be who you are—even if it is a little scary. You will find a whole community of people who support you, people who will become like a second family to you while you are there. Get to know them—sign up for different activities and meet new people. Also, don't be afraid to be honest with your instructors and ask for extensions if you need them...it won't always be a yes, but it is always worth asking if you need it!