Stephanie Booth

'14 BSc
Epidemiologist @Public Health Agency of Canada

Stephanie is a public health epidemiologist, researcher, and LGBTQ+ health advocate who is a proud Augustana and School of Public Health alumna :)

Q: What is your favourite memory from your time at Augustana Campus?

A: The friends that I made—whether it was early mornings in the caf, late nights studying in the Dish, later nights at Last Class Bash or going to classes together, the people that I met at Augustana have been crucial in shaping my life, career and happiness.


Q: What was your favourite class you took? What did you like about it?

A: I took an integrated biology and visual art class that really made me appreciate the benefits of a liberal arts education—getting to flex my painting skills one day and talk about vertebrate morphology the next!


Q: How did you spend your time outside of the classroom?

A: I spent lots of time out of class hanging out with friends and (sometimes) studying in the library, the Forum, the Dish or enjoying some of Camrose's finest food and beverage establishments.


Q: Who was your favourite instructor and what do you remember about them?

A: Kristine Nutting is an amazing educator and human. She made a huge impact not only on those taking drama degrees but also anyone who took her classes. I've never met someone who is more passionate about their field or cared about their students more deeply.


Q: How did your time at Augustana impact who you are today?

A: Getting to have a liberal arts education and expanding my mind to the interconnectedness of things led me to a career in public health where I get to flex my science, sociology and speaking skills every day!


Q: What advice would you give to current students? 

A: Education is not only a privilege but also an opportunity for personal growth—enjoy your time in school while it lasts! Also: it's okay not to have everything figured out right away—a bachelor's degree is not a roadmap for life!