Bonnie Haave (Erickson)

CLC '65

Retired social worker, teacher, counsellor and psychologist

Bonnie Haave’s life is an example of the importance of the Augustana Campus and the strong tradition of valuing education in small, Scandinavian, Lutheran, communities in western Canada. She grew up attending the Swedish Lutheran church in Armena, AB. Her mother was not able to go complete her education and wanted her children to go to university so badly that she opened Bonnie’s grade 12 marks and registered her at CLC in the faculty of education. At CLC, Bonnie discovered psychology and sociology, which lead her to continue her education.

Through friends she met at CLC, Bonnie met her husband, Luther. Their son attended Augustana and graduated in computer science, and their daughter completed her business degree at the U of A—continuing the value of education of Bonnie’s mother. The couple has also been blessed with two granddaughters who have visited the Augustana Campus to have their photo taken with the ‘young Luther’ statue and wander down memory lane with them.

Bonnie is a recipient of Augustana’s Distinguished Alumni Award for her work with children and youth who had serious emotional and social problems that were in care of the department of social services or on the street. At that time, Bonnie recalled the values at CLC forming a basis for working with these youngsters.

Q: What is your favourite memory from your time at Camrose Lutheran College (CLC)?

A: Friends.


Q: Why did you choose to study at CLC?

A: Close to home and Lutheran.


Q: What was your favourite spot on campus, where did you spend most of your time outside of class?

A: Dorm.


Q: What was your favourite class and how did you use what you learned in that class during your life or career?

A: Psychology and sociology—became a social worker, teacher, counsellor and psychologist.


Q: What advice would you give to current students? 

A: Enjoy your time and take a variety of classes.