Jo-Anna Wohlgemuth (Larsen)

'91 BA
Administrative Assistant, Student Life @University of Alberta Augustana Campus

Jo-Anna graduated from Camrose Lutheran College in 1991 with a bachelor of arts, majoring in English. She remained in the Camrose area after graduating. In 1997, she had the great opportunity of being hired to work in Student and Residence Services at Augustana. Jo-Anna loves her job and continues in it to this day. She particularly loves working with students and making positive differences for them at Augustana. Her experiences and ongoing learning at Augustana have been integral in making her who she is today.

Q: What is your favourite memory from your time at Camrose Lutheran College (CLC)?

A: My favourite memories are all the connections I made in the residences and life and learning outside of the classroom that went along with it.


Q: What was your favourite class you took? What did you like about it?

A: It really is a tie.

My favourite class was the history of the English language with John Johansson. It was fascinating to learn how our language evolved from other languages and subsequently evolved to the modern version we speak now. Language is not static and continues to evolve.

I loved choir with Marc Hafso and learned so much about singing, how to sing and the discipline required for it. The icing on the cake was our trip to Sweden, Norway and Denmark. I still use the breathing and singing techniques I learned in choir.


Q: How did you spend your time outside of the classroom?

A: There are so many things! Some highlights include: singing in the music practice rooms with a friend, hanging out with friends in residence, visiting in the cafeteria, climbing down Ole's Crossing (the old wooden bridge to the Ravine Complex), picnicking with friends in Jubilee Park, going to chapel and learning about social justice, the choir tour to Sweden, Norway, and Denmark, taking in fascinating guest speakers, and being an RA and the personal growth that came with it through training.


Q: Who was your favourite instructor and what do you remember about them?

A: I had two: Harry Prest and Michael Mucz. I started off in the sciences because that's what my family expected. Professor Mucz was my faculty advisor. Professor Prest was my first year English professor and opened a whole new way of looking at the world for me. I wanted to change my major but was afraid to. It's like I needed "permission" to make such a big change. Professor Mucz gave me that "permission" to follow my interests instead of my family's expectations. The course of my life was forever changed and I am glad for it.


Q: How did your time at CLC impact who you are today?

A: RA training really helped shape me into a better communicator and a more empathetic person. It helped launch me on a path of caring about others and personal growth that continues to this very day and forward.


Q: What advice would you give to current students?

A: Be open to being changed. University will open whole new worlds for you. Don't be afraid to explore those new worlds and maybe even change the course of your life. It's rewarding work and you will grow as a person. Be aware that you will learn outside of the classroom as well as in the classroom. Don't overlook the learning opportunities outside of the classroom. And follow your heart! It's okay to change direction!