Community Service-Learning

For The Community

Do you want a set of helping hands to work on that project you never have time for? Do you have a special event or task that needs some extra help? Do you want to be involved in generating a spirit of volunteerism in the next generation? Do you want to help in the education of an Augustana student from any number of disciplines?

Community Service-Learning (CSL) can do all of this and much more. Community organizations have the opportunity to mentor an Augustana student who is enrolled in a class with a CSL component. For the community organization, this means a volunteer for approximately 20 hours over the span of a semester (there are some courses where the volunteer time is significantly more).

By participating in Community Service-Learning, students make links between theories they learn in the classroom and the real world of your organization. This is a very rich learning opportunity for the student as well as for the community organization.

Please feel free to contact the Learning and Beyond Office if you have any questions or have a project you would like to suggest.