Alumni Mentorship Program

After getting their feet wet in the workforce, new alumni are often confronted with a challenging question: what's next? These young professionals have experienced a taste of the 'real world' and are now ready to consider additional focus in their careers.

To serve this need the BAA is partnering with central Alumni Relations on an Alumni Mentorship Program to help connect recent grads with more seasoned alumni, to benefit from their advice and experience.

Registration for the 2021 Alumni Mentorship Program year is now closed. The program runs from April - November 2021.


  • Develop a relationship with a business leader to discuss your career goals, challenges and questions.
  • Enhance communication and networking skills.
  • Increase knowledge of a specific industry and profession.
  • Gain insight into the local business community.


  • Meet and influence future business leaders.
  • Expand your network.
  • Gain access to current business concepts and fresh perspectives.
  • Make a difference in someone's life by providing career insight and guidance based on your own personal experiences and knowledge!

Alumni Mentorship Program Participant Guide


Sarah Kowalevsky

Assistant Dean, Development
Phone: 780-492-0147